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« Comparez votre selfie à des œuvres d’art proposées par des musées partenaires », décrit l’application Arts and Culture de Google. À compter de ce mardi 4 septembre 2018, les ...

16 Jan 2018 ... With the Google Arts and Culture app -- available for iOS and Android -- you can take a selfie and match with artwork that looks like you.

And the update to the Google Arts & Culture App (iOS and Android) has catapulted it to the most-downloaded free app on the App Store. It claimed the No. 1 spot in the U.S. on Saturday, according ... The Best Celebrity Google Arts & Culture Fine-Art Selfies - Vogue Well, "search with your selfie" and "get face-to-face with art," aka take a selfie, and be matched with a look-alike artwork—and maybe get mildly offended in the process. Google Google allows users to search the Web for images, news, products, video, and other content. ‎Google Arts & Culture dans l'App Store -

L’application Google Arts & Culture, lancée en 2016, vient de s’enrichir d’une nouvelle fonctionnalité qui fait le buzz et rencontre déjà un grand succès.

Google Arts & Culture | Como usar o comparador de selfies e ... Na última semana, a Google anunciou uma simples, mas interessantíssima atualização para seu aplicativo Arts & Culture. Agora, o aplicativo que permitia uma viagem cultural por exposições e ... Why Can't I Use The Google Arts & Culture App? It’s Only ... It's reasonable why those that can't access the full version of the app are feeling left out, because this single feature has made Google Arts & Culture into an overnight success. How to Get Google Arts And Culture Face Match App | Inverse I f you thought selfies were the ultimate sign of vanity, Google Arts and Culture just upped the game by allowing you to compare your likeness with that of a work of art.

How to use the Selfie Camera in Google Art and Culture on ...

Google's hit Art Selfie tool has launched outside the US, meaning people in the UK can now find out whether they look more like the Laughing Cavalier or the Girl with a Pearl

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